What does post dating a cheque mean

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Maybe 2 weeks later I got an email saying not to cash the check… Then he started telling me how much he wanted me to with draw and where to send it to. Reply J-money my name is Kathy I was reading the thing about the lady chatting online and someone wanted her to open up the account I’m going through the same thing right now but one thing I never gave no one permission to put money in my account a guy in New York said he was a lawyer contacted me and said that he wanted to know if I was related to a client he had I told him I was not for sure but I will find out so when I got back to him he had already called her lawyer in London and gave him the information give me some information about me one thing one from another so he started sending me the documents for me to sign I thought this all was a joke cuz it happened April 1st so I played along with it gave them too much information about myself an account for the money can be transferred to my account when the case was over not knowing that the guy in London I gave out my information to a whole bunch of other people so I had to close out my account but the guy in London have been calling threatening me tonight he’s going to kill me for stealing money from him I keep telling him there was no money never put into my account because I had to close my account and the bank has contacted me had to call the police and make a report about the threats and stuff the police said it all was a scam but today I got a letter from my bank showing that ,000 was transferred into my account don’t know what to do can you help me out Reply Ack! I’m honestly not the right person to talk to as I’m not familiar with how any of this goes, but I would escalate it as high as you can at both the bank level and the police level to see which can help you resolve it faster/better.

Sounds like an absolutely nightmare and I do hope you get it solved soon!!

My husband called the company and How they wanted us to return the check because they gave us a double refund. It’s just when we are trying to give them their money back and they are arguing it makes you almost want to be like you k ow what forget I even called.

It’s not even worth *thinking* about spending the money – however small or large it is.Several randomised trials (where people are randomly assigned to a certain behaviour, such as eating breakfast or skipping breakfast) have not found any evidence to suggest that skipping breakfast causes weight gain.Despite the association between skipping breakfast and weight gain, experiments specifically designed to try and establish cause and effect haven’t provided evidence that skipping breakfast causes you to put on weight. If someone else, or another company, accidentally xfered money in for whatever reason – it is legally NOT yours. ;) Either way, the only money in your account that is truly YOURS is whatever YOU’VE put into it or earned.

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The best way to avoid it all is to CALL YOUR BANK right away and get them working on it so it doesn’t turn into a mess down the road.