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The creators did not want Frasier in private practice, which would make the show resemble The Bob Newhart Show.

Taking from an unused idea they'd had for a Cheers episode, they conceived the idea of the psychiatrist working in a radio station surrounded by "wacky, yet loveable" characters.

Niles becomes attracted to, and eventually falls in love with, Daphne (notwithstanding his own marriage), but does not confess his feelings to her until the final episode of the seventh season. Frasier Crane Show, a call-in psychiatry show on talk radio station KACL.

His producer Roz Doyle (Gilpin) is very different from Frasier in many ways.

For the uninitiated, labiaplasty involves cutting off the inner labia so that they don’t ‘hang’ below the outer labia. The labiaplasty business has skyrocketed over the past few years, and Lisa’s mission was to find out why so many women hate the appearance of their vulvas to the point that they’d willingly have pieces of them surgically removed.

Frasier is an American sitcom that was broadcast on NBC for eleven seasons, premiering on September 16, 1993, and concluding on May 13, 2004.

Grammer ultimately agreed to star in a Cheers spin-off, but the producers set the new show as far from Boston as possible to prevent NBC from demanding that other characters from the old show make guest appearances on the new show during its first season.

After first choosing Denver, Angell, Casey, and Lee ultimately chose Seattle as the setting.

Martin Crane was based on creator Casey's father, who spent 34 years with the San Francisco Police Department.Frasier hires Daphne Moon (Leeves) as Martin's live-in physical therapist and caregiver, and tolerates Martin's dog Eddie.Frasier frequently spends time with his younger brother Niles (Pierce), a fellow psychiatrist.The brothers' close relationship is often tense, and their sibling rivalry intermittently results in chaos.Other recurring themes include Niles' relationship with his never-seen wife (later ex-wife) Maris, Frasier's search for love, Martin's new life after retirement, and the various attempts by the two brothers to gain acceptance into Seattle's cultural elite.

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Frasier and the others often visit the local coffee shop, Café Nervosa.