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Senior sex discussion chat rooms

At the end of my third year I told Mom and Susan that I could not go back for my senior year.

I was adamant that I could not face another year in fear. "If we transfer you to another school, it will be the same thing, but if we transfer you as a girl, then you would be accepted.

Mom and Susan said that they understood but that I had to finish school. Girls kill for the slim petite body that you have." It was true that I have the body most women want, but that is not the solution that I was willing to accept.

I had the brains for it, and not going to college was also not an option. You might be a little petite, but still acceptable." "You want me to be a girl? "Couldn't I be home schooled, or take correspondence courses." "No, I can't be here to do work with you. I want you to be around people, not hiding here." Mom worked as an aerobics instructor, she did not have to, but liked to keep busy and in shape, so this did both for her.

When I got to my third year in high school I was already eighteen before the year was over.

Now at twenty four, I am only five foot two, weigh ninety eight pounds soaking wet, and have a penis that is only three inches fully erect.

I live with my mother Karen and my older sister Susan. I have lived with two women for as long as I can remember.

"I realize that you are just trying to help me and now that I have had some time to think about it, this might be the best solution." Mom and Susan looked relived at my acceptance of their idea. "We thought you might try to hurt or kill yourself." "No, I wouldn't do that, but I needed to get my mind around the idea." "Well, Susan and I have been doing some planning in case you decided to agree." Mom told me.I will just ask her for a favor and have you transferred to the new school as a girl.Your transcripts are all electronic and can be made to be a girl's with a few simple key strokes." "But how will I be able to do gym class? "Not a problem, with all the swimming you did for the last few years, I will get her to give you extra credit for it and you will be listed as having all necessary gym credits." "But ..." I sputtered."Just relax," Susan said for the first time in the conversation, "We have this all covered.Just relax and trust us." The next morning, the three of us headed off to see Dr. Mom had arranged for us to meet with her before office hours. I am willing to do anything." "Well you know there are girl bullies as well." She noted.

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"Also, we were only going to give you until tomorrow morning, and then we were coming in after you. Kelly was our family doctor, as well as an old friend and she had seen the entire family through every cough and sniffle.

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