Postdating a check is it legal

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Postdating a check is it legal

The District Attorney will not prosecute for its payment.

So while I don't believe it's illegal to write one, the check itself is "not legal" in terms of being something you can successfully sue for.

" A check is valid on or after the date it is posted. 17, but some indescribable urge comes to you and you just have to date it Dec. However, in my recollection post-dated checks were refused not for legal reasons but rather to protect the bank from check kiters. I remember something in the fine print when I opened my checking account that said the bank had the right to cash the check when it was presented to them, regardless of the date on the check.The UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) states that an instrument payable on demand is not payable before its date.Therefore, a post-dated check remains payable on demand, but not before the date noted on the check.I've heard and read the term "post-dating" for many years and it's always been clear that it refers to, for example, dating it the 15th when today's actually the 10th.Originally posted by High Soci Doesn't pre- mean before and post- mean after?

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