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- im crying i cant stand youthdew either, so maybe theres a connection there with the vintage opium that the now reformulated opium doesnt have. i cant believe i got kicked out of the oriental camp.wtf?? And every time I look at the bottle it makes me sad, even if I wear this perfume only exceptionally. One day I´ll deeply miss this excellent composition of smoky and heavy incense, piquant carnation & plenty of spices and resins. With this characteristic scent I feel myself stronger and determined.

I very it usually on days when I know I have a hard negotiation with strong business men.

I just need to know if the original perfume has dyes in it and if so which ones? I am not, at this moment in time au fait with the ways of writing about fragrance in a manner that is helpfully descriptive as well as succinct. I grew up in house where Opium was sprayed for any occasion on all females in the family.

Its the perfume that I compare every other perfume to. The other OPIUM's are not bad, but that's not it, something is missing.

There is also just hint of aldehyde that add to this perfume's substance.

Opium EDT is hot to open but then undulates with waves of sensual, mellow ecstasy that feel like a cool rush. Clove does indeed have a therapeutic cooling, anti inflammatory effect and is used medicinally to numb the body. Some fleshy peach tones linger in the bottom with tomes of superbly smooth sandalwood and the aroma of darkly spiced woody vanilla and musky labdanum.

Indeed it has this effect in Opium where the aroma is completely arresting. The quality and purity of ingredients are well preserved even in this quarter century old bottle. For a spellbinding theatrical review of Opium as performed by Salome, please read Kafkaesque's tribute -- the essence of Opium. In order to represent, you must be "of a certain age", you should be affluent or at least able to appear so.

At first I was confused and kept checking myself to make sure it was me I was smelling, lol!

The fragrance morphed from first application and I had no idea it would change into this. In fact in risk of being hit with tomatos I feel this is more wearable than my sig scent Youth Dew.

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Now everytime I see these plasticy fakey fake impostor "Opium" bottles I get visibly angry. This one is feminine, strong, spicy, i smell clove, pepper and other spices, incense, sandalwood... I hadn't worn this since the early 80's and was recently brought a bottle and I am happy to say it has lost none of its charm.

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