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Naughtychatcity register

colored porter PG: We were told something interesting, but not the whole PG: story about a man named "Mose," a black porter on the railroad.

He worked on the ranches .•• come on down in through here and come on back out down through yonder.

But they had a bank there and it was run by a fellow named L.

[Rufe could not again recall this name], he was the president of the bank; they robbed it and got six or seven hundred dollars.

He knew just about as much about the sheriff's office ...

But anyway, in he went and he did have some very good men and he caught on very quickly himself.

Knew no more about a jailor being sheriff than probably when I went in or went out, even, but he was one time champion bulldozer of the world.

Jordan PLACE: Pampa, Texas DATE: 1 July 1989 INTERVIEWERS: Bill and Precious Gregg and Mike Andrews BG: Well, I won't say that's good necessarily.And had him in jail for quite some­time, but never could get him out .•.Archer just would not identify him; he was scared to.Pauline Mc Alister Beard was my teacher and I took care of her the last few years prior to her death several years ago.That courthouse is a very fine courthouse and has been here all these years, and ...

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