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Use the press and stay informed about current trends and potential scams in the antique trade by consulting popular and highly regarded antique trade publications. Antique Furniture is one of the most fascinating sections of antique collecting.

Very early furniture, from the Middle Ages until the beginning of the eighteenth century, is mostly oakbut since the end of the seventeenth century, other woods as walnut and mahogany became the preferred choice among the cabinet makers. To reduce these costs, search in local antique dealers and check other sellers who will provide a complete wrap and ship service.

And that is even if you are focusing on only one aspect of this very diverse subject.

When trying to identify antique furniture, dedicated antique hunters search for beautifully preserved pieces, armed with pins, magnifying glasses, spirit levels and all sorts of testing equipment.

If the piece has drawers, remove a drawer and look carefully where the front and back of the drawer are fastened to the sides of the drawer.And that is even if you are focusing on only one aspect of this very diverse subject. Examine these parts carefully; slight differences in size or shape are not always easy to spot.For already more than 40 years he has been trading succesfully with many antique dealers, decorators, interior designers and collectors Worldwide. Neoclassicism furniture (Georgian, Louis XVI style, Empire, Regency) and much more…A real antique is very rarely perfectly cut; a reproduction with the same components will be because a machine will have cut it.If a joint was dovetailed by hand, it has only a few dovetails, and they are not exactly even; if it has closely spaced, precisely cut dovetails, it was machine-cut.

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In either case, an authentic item’s value is influenced and based on its condition, rarity, and history.

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