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Dating a bald man

If it happens to a third of all males, isn’t it time to simply accept male pattern balding as a common byproduct of maturation?

I "accept" male pattern balding - that doesn't mean I find it sexually attractive and my libido can't be guilt tripped into finding it attractive. Although more for the curmudgeon routine than anything else.

Male hair loss*, after all, isn’t uncommon by a long shot.Also, think about the number of clearly balding or completely bald male politicians in office. Probably, considering that they’re an uncommon lot.Then again, the public tends to judge politicians harshly based on their hair choices in general, once prompting Hillary Clinton to tell a group of Yale students, “The most important thing I have to say is: Hair matters. Because everyone else will.” I realize that a common male fear of balding isn’t news.But here’s a finding that grabbed my attention: For people struggling with body dysmorphic disorder (especially men), hair is one of the most affected physical features.Also, Kuntzman reported that academic studies have found gender differences in the perception of hair loss.

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