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The Old Yoshida Sake Store is just a little down the hill from SCAI the Bathhouse art gallery, towards Kototoi Dori Avenue.

Google Map of Old Yoshida Sake Store Asakura Museum of Sculpture is the grand former studio and home of sculptor Fumio Asakura (1883-1964), who lived and worked here from 1907.

The South Exit of Nippori Station with bring you to Tennoji Temple, in the middle of Yanaka Cemetery.

Tennoji Temple is nestled inside Yanaka Cemetery, right next to Nippori Station. Tennoji Temple was founded in 1274, and is connected with the nationalist Buddhist priest, Nichiren.

Yanaka Cemetery has the feel of a park with its greenery, and beautiful alley of cherry trees.

The residence was designated a National Tangible Cultural Property in 2001.Google Map of Yanaka Ginza SCAI the Bathhouse is a contemporary art gallery opened in 1993 in what had been an over 200-year-old bathhouse in Yanaka.SCAI has a solid reputation for introducing the work of cutting edge artists both domestically and internationally.This part of Yanaka, on high ground, is the historical treasure trove of old architecture, religious and secular, that sets it apart from almost anywhere else in Tokyo.Wander the sloping streets and enjoy the elegant quietude of the old--yet not without some memorable examples of modern housing architecture too. dating dating dating site-80

Coin operated washing machines and bicycle hire also available. With only a few rooms, service is friendly and attentive. A real home-away-from-home vibe - impeccably Japanese in inspiration. Hotel Sunny is a 40-room hotel right next to Nippori Station, a short walk from Yanaka.