Are mario and peach dating

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Are mario and peach dating

While it isn’t unheard of for Nintendo and non-gaming entitles to cross promote, this is one of the cuter ones, and is well timed in preparation for Super Mario Odyssey.

If nothing else it will surely be a group of unusual collectibles to have and to hold.

We see it briefly in an unboxing video from You Tube channel Family Gamer TV, embedded below.

(It comes up around the six-minute, 30-second mark.) There’s Mario, veil and all.

Peach is portrayed as Mario’s love interest and the frequent damsel-in-distress.

She resides in her castle along with many Toad retainers.

One of the more unusual that has come up is from a Japanese bridal magazine called Zexy.

In an issue released on 23rd August - and still available now - a few Nintendo related items are included.

the appropriate amiibo to unlock the outfit, by the way.

Everything can be unlocked in-game.) We haven’t seen Mario in a dress before, although we’ve seen Luigi borrow Peach’s outfit before.

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He’s even got Peach’s iconic blue earrings, which is proof of his commitment to the cosplay.

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