Are ashley benson and caleb dating

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"I think we definitely have some similarities for sure," Tyler EXCLUSIVELY told J-14

Co-star love: Ashley was joined by on-screen boyfriend (and possible real-life love) Tyler Blackburn, 29, and Shay Mitchell, 28, for her festive celebration.

Plus, two fan-favorite couples reconnected, including Ezria, while Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) cheated on Spencer (Troian Bellisario) with old love Hanna (pre-kidnapping, obviously). Fortunately for fans eagerly awaiting the Freeform hit's return this summer, Marlene King offered up some scoop on 's new big bad, relationships and Ashley Benson's future on the show. I felt like it took us a couple of episodes to get our groove on and for them to see where they would be and or us to write those characters.

Plus, is season seven going to be the final season..will it continue without ANY of its four leading ladies? News: Obviously, the twin reveal is a major part of the books, and fans have been waiting to see if and how it would be used on the show. And when did you fill in Huw Collins, who plays Elliot, that Alison's nice-guy husband wasn't so nice after all? I really feel like in season seven we have had a chance to breathe and really, really bring those characters to life in an even more dramatic and realistic way.

With each caption, Hailey made sure to wish Ashley a sweet 'Happy Birthday.

Bright-eyed beauties: PLL star Shay, who plays Emily fields in the ABC Family show, shared a photo of the duo in celebration of Ashley's special day. My "mewnie", the Benzo to my Buttah, lil one, blondie and one of my closest friends.

It definitely rubs off on you a little bit." It turns out Tyler and Ashley aren't so different from Caleb and Hanna when they're off set! I think Caleb and Hanna have been though a lot, but they, at the core, just really enjoy each other.

With as much chemistry as Caleb and Hanna have on too, they're bound to become official sooner or later, right?

When we asked Tyler if he could ever see himself in a relationship with Ashley, he EXCLUSIVELY told, "I mean, sure, yeah.

If Ezria decides that was more than a moment then they are going to have to deal with that.

We have very complex, interesting relationships moving forward where the girls are going to need to rise to the occasion and be adults about it for the first time.

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) the reveal that Alison's (Sasha Pieterse) mom had a twin, Mary Drake (Andrea Parker), who has teamed up with Alison's doctor husband to seek revenge for her daughter Charlotte's murder.